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In 1996 the Calumet Memorial Park District, Riverdale Park District and the Village of South Holland Department of Recreation wanted to initiate services for people with disabilities in recreation and leisure.  In their initial survey of local assets, they determined that New Hope Center, Inc. would be an excellent partner and facilitator of these services while maximizing  economic efficiency.  On July 1st, 2016 New Hope Center Inc. and SouthSTAR Services merged to become New Star.  Special Recreation Services determined that this was also a great time to change our and we became New Star Recreation Services. 


We are very excited to announce that in May of 2019, Broadview and Maywood Park Districts joined the NSRS cooperative.  We have expanded our programming to where we have a NSRS North, which covers Broadview and Maywood and NSRS South which covers Calumet City, Riverdale and South Holland.  Each region has its own seasonal brochure.  Families can sign up for either region at the in district pricing.   

We look forward to continuing serving our communities of  Calumet City, Riverdale, the Village of South Holland and newly acquired Broadview, Maywood and the surrounding areas..

We have two office location.  Please call before visiting the office so that a NSRS staff is

available to assist you at each of our office location.   


NSRS North                             NSRS South 

921 S. 9th Ave.                        600 Oglesby Avenue 

Maywood, IL 60153               Calumet City, IL 60409

(708) 344-4793                           (708) 801-9966 

NSRS has expanded services to include the most access to community resources and the most current opportunities in recreation programming for individuals of all ages who have disabilities within our member district. 


The program continues to be one of the most efficiently run Special Recreation cooperatives in Illinois with a lower than average annual contribution from member districts. The dedicated staff at NSRS continue learning new techniques, programs and community assets they can develop and integrate into the well designed curriculum of year round program and special events. 

Michael McNicholas, CTRS
NSRS Executive Director


Kenyon Duner, CPRP
NSRS Superintendent


Nancy DiGangi, CTRS
NSRS Recreation Supervisor

Our Mission & Philosophy

The purpose of NSRS is to be a leading solutions provider to clients with intellectual and/or age-related disabilities, their families and their communities by leveraging a culture of innovation, professionalism and caring to exceed stakeholders expectations. 

New Star Recreation Services believes in life long leisure experiences and opportunity for people of all ages. As advocates for people with disabilities, we strive to expand resources to our community within its borders and beyond to ensure a vast array of life-enriching activities. 

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