SOUTH- Friday Night Socialites

LWSRA Fiesta*

April 3  6:00 - 9:15 pm
Sombreros and Salsa? Let’s have a fiesta! We are headed to
Lincolnway SRA for dinner and dancing. Evening includes a full dinner and plenty of dancing. Pick up and drop off at NSRS South Office. Registration must be received by April 3, 2020 to attend the dance.

Kentucky Derby

May 1    6:30 - 8:30 pm
It is once again time for the annual Run for the Roses - The
Kentucky Derby. Join us for fun and games as we pick our
favorites to win, place or show. Snacks will be served. Location

No Program

April 10   No program is scheduled for this date.  See you next week!!

Sky Zone*

May 8       6:00 - 9:00 pm
Get excited! It’s time to jump up and down with your friends at
the indoor trampoline complex, Sky Zone! Pick up and drop off
at the NSRS South Office. An online waiver must be signed by
parent/guardian by May 1, 2020. The copy of the waiver
must be given to the NSRS staff by May 1, 2020. Please call
the NSRS office for further assistance.

Cookie Bake-Off

April 17   6:30 - 8:30 pm
Let’s bake and eat some cookies, then wash them down with a
cold glass of milk. Sugar, flour and fun are the recipe for this
evening! Location TBA.

Spring Formal Dance*

May 15       6:00 - 9:15 pm
Dress to the 9’s for the enchanting evening of formal dining and
dancing. The night is complete with flowers, a keepsake picture
and dinner. Pick up and drop off at NSRS South Office.
Registration must be received by April 17, 2020 in order to
attend the dance

Astrology Night

April 24    6:30 - 8:30 pm
It is said that life’s answers can be found in the stars. We
will explore our astrological paths to see what they reveal.
Snacks will be served. Location TBA.

Movie Night

May 22      TBA
Let’s get things poppin’! Join your friends as we watch a fun
feature flick. Bring money for tasty snacks and a drink. NSRS will
purchase your movie ticket. You will be notified of the movie and
times the week of the program. Pick up and drop off will be at
New Vision Cinema 8 Lansing.