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SOUTH- Weekly Programs


Fitness in the Pool
Dinner Club

Age: 10 and older

Join us for some fun while getting fit in the pool. We will do some calisthenics and fun racing in the water all while social distancing. Don’t forget your towel! Locker rooms will not be available. Must be able to function independently at 6 participants to 1 staff ratio. YOU MUST check in with the NSRS swim staff. DO NOT leave your participant(s) in the lobby or the pool deck unattended.

Dates: Mondays, April 5 - May 24 

Time: 2:00 - 2:45 pm

Fee:  $40
Location: Sandridge Fitness Center, Calumet City
Min/Max: 6/8

Age: 16 and older


Let’s order up a good time with our friends while we do what we love, have a good meal. Bring $20+ to each program date to cover drink, meal, and tip. Please bring cash in bills of $10, $5, and $1. Meet at Red Lobster at 9311 Calumet Ave. in Munster, IN, on April 8. We will plan the next date so, bring your suggestions.

Date: Thursdays, April 8 & May 13 

Time: 5:15 - 6:45 pm
Location: 4/8 - Red Lobster, Munster IN

Fee: $30
Min/Max: 5/8

Kids Running
Open Gym

Age: 16 and older

NSRS will open its equipment closets and you can pick the activity to run that day. Indoor Bowling? Check. Basketball? Check.  Whiffleball? Check. Who knows what other things we have ready to be enjoyed. Sign up and find out.

Date: Tuesdays, April 6 - May 25
Time: 6:00 - 7:00 pm
Location: Sandridge Fitness Center
Fee: $25
Min/Max: 5/8

King Pin

Age: 15 and older


Let’s strike up a good time and hit the lanes for some frames! When signing up, please indicate what time slot you prefer. Registration is first come first served and NSRS will try to fulfill all requests. We have the right to move you to a different time.


Dates: Wednesdays, April 7 - May 26
Time: Bowl 1- 4:00 - 5:00 pm     Bowl 2- 5:00 - 6:00 pm
Location: Dolton Bowl
Fee: $35
Min/Max: 4/30 (for each time frame)

Arrive 10 minutes early to change shoes and get to assigned lanes.
Be considerate of your fellow bowlers and arrive on time. Group Home staff must be present and assist for the entire bowling program

Craft Club

Age: 15 and older 


Show off your creative side in our new Craft Club where we will explore different arts and crafts and create beautiful and useful works of art.

Dates: Wednesdays, April 7 - May 26

Time: 6:00 - 7:00 pm

Location: NSRS Office
Fee: $30

Min/Max: 4/6

Triumphant Hiker
Ready, Set, Hike!

Age: 16 and older


Spring is finally here so let’s get outside and take a hike. The hike will be lead by a naturalist from the Sandridge Nature Center, who will help us see all the beautiful things that spring brings us. This is an outdoor program so please dress appropriately for the weather. Meet at Sandridge Nature Center.


Dates: Saturdays April 10 & May 1

Time: 1:30 - 2:30 pm 
Location: Sandridge Nature Center

Fee: $10
Min/Max: 4/6

Compass on map

Age: 15 and older


Learn to follow directions on a phone app to locate a buried treasure. That’s geocaching! It’s great fun and exercise! Afterward we will enjoy a snack before we head home. You will be informed of location prior to the event.

Dates: Saturdays April 17

Time: 1:00 - 2:00 pm 
Location: TBA

Fee: $20
Min/Max: 4/10

Tennis Ball
Tennis Anyone?

Age: 15 and older


Explore the basic skills of tennis while getting fresh air and exercise. Equipment will be provided.


Dates: Saturdays April 27

Time: 1:00 - 2:00 pm 
Location: TBA

Fee: $12
Min/Max: 3/6

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