New Star Recreation Services greatly benefits from utilizing our member district’s facilities and the communities surrounding our districts. Below is a list of facilities that New Star Recreation Services utilizes throughout the year.

NSRS South Office &
Sandridge Fitness Center

600 Oglesby Ave.

Calumet City, IL 60409


NSRS North Office &
 Lightford Recreation Center (LRC)

921 S. 9th Ave.

3rd Floor

Maywood, IL  60153 


708 344-4793

New Star Dolton Campus
(Formally New Hope Center Inc.)

1624 E. 154th St.

Dolton, IL 60419

Calumet Memorial
Dolton Park District

612 Wentworth Ave.

Calumet City, IL 60409

712 Engle St.

Dolton, IL 60419

Riverdale Park District

151 W. 137th St.

Riverdale, IL 60827

South Holland
Recreation Services

501 E. 170th St.

South Holland, IL 60473