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Why should your family join Lekotek?


Lekotek is about play! In the busy lives led by families today, play may not seem like a priority. Research has shown, however, that children need to play in order to learn important developmental skills, as well as develop a healthy sense of self-esteem. Play even helps children cope with pain, illness, and stresses of everyday life. Lekotek is one of the few services for children with special needs which welcomes the whole family.

The goal is to help families find ways to enjoy playing activities together.


Who is interacting with your Family

• Your session will be led by a Certified Play Specialist or Certified Therapeutic Recreational Specialist. This individual has been trained by the National Lekotek Center or has passed the National Council for Therapeutic Recreation Certification and has a background in special education or a therapeutic discipline.

• Specialist learn about family dynamics, adapting toys and computers, importance of
play, and much more.

• Most importantly, the specialists have a love for play and recognize the importance of


What happens in a Family Play Session?

• The play session is designed to emphasize the creative use of toys and play materials, while promoting interactive play among all members of the family.

• The Lekotek sessions include toys that are adapted to help ensure more successful play experiences.

• Each month the family borrows a toy to be used in their home. Parents will have seen the toy being demonstrated and they will feel comfortable using them with the child to expand the child’s play.


Fee: $20 per session or

        $150 per year for 1 session per month. (3 easy installments of $50)


Session includes: Toy(s) from the Toy Lending Library.

                               Guided Play and prompting.

                               Notes on session with Play Therapist.


A deposit is required to take any items from the Toy Lending Library.


Call the NSRS Office at (708) 801-9966 to schedule a Lekotek session.


Days and times may vary depending on the Play Specialist.

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