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Registration Information: Neatly complete the registration form, filling in all appropriate spaces. Missing information will delay your registration. Registration and payment is accepted either by mail or brought to the NSRS Office. Registrations are NOT accepted over the phone or at program sites. Mail your registration to NSRS  600 Oglesby Ave. Calumet City, IL 60409. Drop Off your registration at the NSRS office, Monday - Friday 10:00am - 4:00pm, located inside the Sandridge Community Center at 600 Oglesby Ave. Calumet City, IL 60409. Registration is on a first come first serve basis.

Forms of Payments: Full payment must be included unless specific arrangements have been made with the NSRS office. Checks (Made out to Special Recreation Services, until further notice) or cash are accepted. Please write participant name on the check. Confirmation of program enrollment will not be sent, you will be notified if a program is canceled or if placed on a waiting list. Fees will not be pro-rated for late or missing classes. Consideration will be made only if the participant is a new resident.

Delinquent Accounts: Participation will be denied if a balance remains from a previous season or a late pick-up fee has not been paid. Participants attending a program without prior registration and payment, a $10 administration fee will be added to each program that is attended. This fee must be paid in full before registration will be taken.


Registration is accepted on a first come first accepted basis.  Registration needs to be in the NSRS office to be considered. This means if you mail in your registration, mail it early enough so that it is received by the first day of registration to ensure your slot in a program.


If payment is not sent, registration is invalid.  



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Program Minimum and Maximum


Programs or events will be cancelled due to insufficient enrollment. Please note minimum and maximum registration numbers.

When the program maximum is reached it is then closed to additional participants. Programs fill up quickly so register early.

Programs that have not reached the minimum at least 1 week prior to the program beginning, will be canceled.  Please register on time to reserve your spot.  

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Program Cancellations & Refund Policy

 At the scheduled program time, if no participants arrive within the first 15 minutes, the program will be cancelled and staff will be sent home. No credits will be given.


• NSRS staff look at all circumstances (weather conditions, etc. ) three hours prior to the starting time of the program or transportation route to determine if the program should be cancelled.


• If the program is cancelled, program staff attempt to reach all participants by phone to inform them.


• NSRS attempts to extend programs to make up missed dates. You will be notified of program extensions.


•If the participant cannot make the rescheduled date, they will be credited for that portion of the program.


• A credit will be given if the enrollment consists of less than the minimum number of participants.


• Requests for credits must be requested 10 business days prior to the beginning of the program. 

   NOTE: Programs which include daily admissions or tickets to entertainment or sporting events, etc. will

   be a prorated credit based on the budgetary considerations.  


•A full or prorated credit will be granted if a medical condition prohibits participation.  To receive the credit, the NSRS office must be notified before the scheduled event.

   NOTE:  A Doctor’s note must be included with the credit request.


• Once a program has begun, no credits will be given. 

Cancellations Due to Weather


NSRS attempts to hold programs whenever possible.  Cancellation of a program or event is possible due to adverse weather conditions, especially if it is an outdoor activity or the roads are considered unsafe for driving.  You will only be called if a program is canceled.  The following guidelines will be used to determine cancellations:



Outdoor programs: A temperature of 10 degrees or lower or wind chill of 0 degrees or less.

Programs with transportation: A temperature of -5 degrees or wind chill of -15 degrees or less.

All programs: Snowstorm or blizzard warnings or conditions when driving restrictions and emergency accident plans are in effect.



Outdoor programs: Lightning conditions and 30 minutes after lighting has ceased.

Outdoor programs/indoor sites without air conditioning:Temperature of 95 degrees or higher or a heat index of 105 degrees or higher.

Program with transportation: Heat index of 115 degrees or higher.

All programs: Weather situations: Heat index of 115 degrees or higher.

All programs: Tornado warning is in effect in Cook or surrounding counties.


NSRS will use discretion when determining program cancellation due to other weather conditions, watches and warnings.

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Early Arrival & Late Pick Up 


If a participant is brought to a program/drop-off site earlier than five (5) minutes before the designated time, please understand that supervision will not be provided and you must stay with the participant until the staff is ready to accept that person.  In the event an individual is present more than five (5) minutes before the scheduled drop-off time (ex: PACE or any other public/private transportation) NSRS staff are not responsible for the participant until the scheduled drop-off time. For safety reasons, parents or caregivers MUST make sure chain of custody is established with a NSRS staff when dropping off or picking up a participant.

In order for programs to run smoothly and on time, NSRS can only wait five minutes after a program begins for any late participants,
this includes the PACE bus system or any other type of transportation. If you have any questions regarding this, please contact a fulltime NSRS staff during business hours.

Remember to note the drop off and pick up times for your programs. There are many times that the staff work programs one right
after the other. NSRS staff cannot leave until all participants are picked up from a program. Therefore, it is important that all
participants are picked up and dropped off on time. Regardless of transportation arrangement, (PACE or any other public/private
transportation) ultimately parents/guardians and caregivers are responsible for the child’s transportation. If transportation is not on
time for participant pick-up, a $5.00 fee will be assessed for every five minutes late. Late fee payment is due within one week of
notification. Registration for other programs will not be accepted until all outstanding fees are paid. Payments can be mailed or
turned into New Star Recreation Services office, located at the Sandridge Community Center.

Out of District Policy

NSRS will accept out-of-district participants into our programs with their registration and payment of the $1,200 annual maintenance fee. This fee can be paid to them in installments, through your own park district or at once. To pay in installments you must make arrangements with the NSRS Director. If you have inquiries please contact Mike McNicholas at (708) 207-0023.

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