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"Let me win.

But if I cannot win,

let me be brave in the attempt." 

Special Olympics


New Star Recreation Services participates in a number of summer Special Olympics sports. If you are interested in becoming a Special Olympics Volunteer Coach or volunteering at any NSRS sport's program, please contact Kenyon Duner by email at


Special Olympics requires that a current medical application form be on file with Special Olympics Illinois, and that a copy be on file with NSRS. 




Throughout the year, NSRS hosts a variety of special events. From a vintage baseball game, pumpkin decorating to the Bears Training Camp, and Lighthouse Mall, NSRS wants to provide experiences that will guarantee a fun time!



Friday's, during the program seasons, NSRS will be giving you something to smile about. Whether your singing karakoe with friends, going to the movies, or attending a dance, FNS will leave you with memories for a lifetime. 


Holiday Programs

Brighten your holiday spirit and sign up for Holiday Programs!




Whether its because of an increased attention in academics or just a hurried lifestyle, you may find your child is spending less and less time playing, which is an essential element in a child's development. NSRS offers programs designed just for kids that allows them to use their creativity while developing their cognitive, emotional, and physical strengths. 

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