NSRS Program





NSRS is dedicated to bringing your leisure and recreation needs to you. While this pandemic challenges our ability to get together, we are intent to find ways to stay together as a community. We will offer virtual programs at a minimal fee, hybrid programs with limited registration - simulcast with online access, in-person programs, and we will continue to set up curbside programs.

Registration procedures and operations are fluid in response to pandemic phases of operation as governed by the member districts and the State of Illinois. Due to the current situation with COVID-19, some programs and special events may change or canceled. Notice will be given.

NSRS office hours will be limited. Please contact Nancy at 708-207-9141 to make an appointment to come into the office.


Face covering and masks must be wore at all times

to participate in any in-person programming.

Please feel free to reach out to us to coordinate how we can meet your needs.

Click on E-Programming to see the videos that the NSRS Staff have made for Countdown to Christmas

Week 4 


Week 4 Camp July 6 - 9 _Page_1.jpg
Week 4 Camp July 6 - 9 _Page_2.jpg
Week 4 Camp July 6 - 9 _Page_3.jpg

Week 3 


Camp June 29 -July 2 _Page_1.jpg
Camp June 29 -July 2 _Page_2.jpg
Camp June 29 -July 2 _Page_3.jpg
Week 4 Camp July 6 - 9 _Page_4.jpg
Camp June 29 -July 2 _Page_4.jpg

Week 2 Programs

Camp June 22 - 25_Page_1.jpg
Camp June 22 - 25_Page_2.jpg
Wednesday week 2 Camp June 22 - 25.jpg
Thursday week 2 Camp June 22 - 25.jpg

Week 1 Programs

Camp June 15-18_Page_1.jpg
Camp June 15-18_Page_2.jpg
Camp June 15-18_Page_3.jpg
Camp June 15-18_Page_4.jpg